“Are YOU in the Secret Service?

James 5:16b “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”


• Prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ was -- above teaching, and healing for He departed into the desert to pray when many were needy all about Him.
Lk 5:15-16

• Prayer to our Lord was above rest, for all night He prayed in the mountains... there to intercede with His Heavenly Father. Mk 1:25 (rising up a great while before day.)

• Prayer to our Lord was more important than miracles -- for he prayed that Peter’s faith not, when he could have worked such a miracle in him. Lk 22:31-32

• Christ prayed because prayer is the way of power, of blessing, James 4:2

• He prayed because prayer is the way of greatest achievement, even though He made all things. Yet in His Divine perfect life He prayed. So it must be extremely important to each one of us.

• He taught us to go into our closest - to close the door, to pray to our Heavenly Father who sees in secret and He will reward us openly.

-- this does not negate corporate prayer;
-- this does not imply we should not pray publicly;
-- this does teach us to have a secret ministry.... not for the show of men... but because of the desire after our fellowship with our God.

James 5:16b, ______________________________________
Eph. 6:18; ________________________________________
Isa. 62:6,7, ________________________________________
I Tim. 2:8; ________________________________________
Ezek 22:30________________________________________

In the act of prayer, far too often we are naturally taken up with our interests, our concerns for self; for things of self, our family, our health, our business, our finances, our church... my, my, my, mine, myself and I!

• The antidote for selfish praying is a life of intercession; resolute resolve to pray for others, less for self.
• We need to Lift ourselves out of our little the circle... expand our thinking our interests, our vision and become a partner with God.

A. We are to be as “Watchmen over the needs of others;” Isa. 62:6, 7

1. What a tremendous calling,

2. To make a covenant with God for others,

3. To plead in HIS ears; that we may be a praise in the earth;

4. Watchmen over other’s needs, interceding for them.

B. To practice Effectual, Fervent Prayers: Eph. 6:18

1. Intercession, fervently, persistently;

2. James 5:17-18 Elijah; Luke 11:

C. Exhorted to pray for others: I Tim. 2:1, 8

1. This is not selfish pray;

2. This is supplication, interceding,

D. God seeks for those to stand in the gap: Ezek 22:30

1. Make up the hedge, stand for God;

2. Standing for our land, for the unsaved, for lost.

3. Isa. 59:6a...... Cf holding up Moses hands! Abram

II. OUR WORK AS INTERCESSORS: I Tim. 2:1; Eph. 6:18;

• Intercession is work... a good private, alone work... labor, concentration is needed, perseverance; agonizing, prevailing...

• Necessitates death to the old nature;

• Intercession is the appointed means for getting work done. Work that we could do no other way nor will it other-wise be done.

• He has called us, qualified us,to share in His AGE-LONG work; that of
intercession; Heb. 7:25

• Some things are His work alone -- creation, sustaining of life, universe, salvation, preservation, grace, keeping, upholding us.... but intercessory prayer gives a partnership in His work... it depends upon us... in order that He may accomplish His will and purpose.

A. Brings blessing, victory to foreign ministries: Matt 9:38

1. For laborers, more better, men with wisdom, leadership;

2. Finances, outreach, interceding for them in their trials, temptations, burdens and difficulties.

B. Brings blessings to the churches: Gal. 4:19; Col. 1:9-13; I Thess. 3:7-13;

1. Prayer brings unity, love, and power -- only then can difficulties be
worked out, God-honoring decisions made and God glorified.

2. Only by prayer can complications and misunderstandings be resolved.

3. Revival power, vision for outreach comes because of God moving on us through mighty prayers. Then we can build bridges to the lost.

C. Blessing of power comes to those who labor; Eph. 6:17-20

1. Need of missionaries is intercessors. . . who will stand in the gap.

2. Prayer that they might preach in power. That God will move on the masses and bring a sense of need among the lost. This is what Paul prayed for.

D. To bring the lost to Christ

1. Jh 17; Christ interceded for those who would later believe.

2. Stephen Acts 8; Stephen prayed for his persecutors.


A. In response to our asking.... God will do mighty things. Psa. 6:9

Hezekiah, asked ,

Nehemiah and Daniel asked, the Church in Acts 12 asked and God answered.

1. Principle -- Matt. 7:7,8

2. Promise -- Mk 11:23-24

3. God desires -- Jere 33:3; 32:27, 17;

4. God wants us to stand in the gap, make up the hedge.... now is our opportunity, we know the need, lets meet that need.

Study By Dr. Edward Watke Jr. #.