Matthew 28:16-20; Acts 1:1-11

Many Christians struggle with any sense of obligation to others... especially to those who are culturally different and geographically distant from them. Too many Christians haven’t caught the Lord’s vision of the needs of the lost world. Do you struggle with God’s will and purpose for your life? With the -- where and how-- the Lord wants to use you in His service? Do you believe God intended for you to help share the gospel with all people throughout the whole world? This study (sermon) is about Jesus’s commission to all believers to take the good news of God’s salvation to all the world. The lesson’s purpose is to help you to be a Great Commission christian.

(Mk 16:16; Lk 24:46-49; Jh 20:21; Acts 1:8)

What were Christ’s final words? These words reflect that which was closest to his heart... to continue the redemptive mission for which He came, lived, died, and
rose again. (Consider John chapter 10.) Christ’s Great Commission is a declaration of: His plan, purpose, and promise.

A. An Authority -- “all power, or all authority is given me..”
The entire Book of Matthew stresses the authority of Jesus Christ. We see this in:
Authority in His teaching (7:29), exercised authority in His healing (8:1-13), in forgiving sins (9:6), His power over Satan and His delegated authority to His apostles. (10:1)
His authority is like that of kings or rulers, over nations, peoples, kingdoms, etc.
Since Jesus today has all authority, we may obey Him without fear... no matter where He leads, no matter what the circumstances we face for He is in control. By His death, and resurrection Jesus defeated all enemies and won for Himself all authority.
When we read the book of Acts, we see that the early Church operated on the basis of the Lord’s sovereign authority. They ministered in His name. They depended upon His power and authority. They did not face a lost world on the basis of their own authority.

B. An Activity -- vs. 19-20a
Christ declares His purpose, for us to “GO” to all nations. He told them to “teach” or literally “to make disciples.” Make other disciples like they were. They were to reproduce themselves as they went to go to all people groups.
We are to evangelize all people groups-- meaning those of all cultures, languages, etc. To “teach” refers to instruction, explanation, and application. This demands discipling, or teaching with the purpose of building the lives of those newly saved. The goal is so they can reproduce themselves in others. (II Tim. 2:2) We are to teach that they might obey.. “observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.”
Along with that they were to “baptize.” Means literally to place into or under water, like dying a cloth, wholly put into. They were to baptize in the singular name of God -- the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. To be baptized in the name of someone means to be in a vital relationship with that person.


A. Christ promises them -- the Holy Spirit.
He would be with them always. How? By His indwelling by the Person of the Holy Spirit. (Acts chapter one, I Cor. 6:19-20) We are assured of His promise and provision as we carried out His instructions. Yes, even unto the consummation of the age. (15:1-8, 18-27; 16:7-14, 33

B. They were to wait until...
They were remain in Jerusalem until they received this promise fulfilled in their lives. (Luke 24:44-48; Acts 1:8) They must be empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to be effective, victorious, and fruitful. For “Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.” Acts 1:8


A. The apostles and disciples concern: vs. 6-7
They struggled with what His mission was. They were concerned about the oppression of Israel under Roman power. They thought Christ would restore the kingdom... now.

B. Christ’s immediate concern:
They were not to spend time and energy about the “times and seasons,” for that was God’s business. A greater matter was before them -- how to evangelize the world. World evangelization would take incredible power, power they did not have but would soon receive. (Acts. 1:8; 4:23-33)

C. Power for one task: Acts 1:8
Power comes through the Holy Spirit’s control which can only come about through our yieldedness, or surrender to Him. The power was not for them to lead a revolt against Rome, or to restore Israel to a wonderful age, BUT to take the gospel to all the world. What about us today? Where are we spending our lives?

Application: consider the following --
1. How is the Holy Spirit’s power seen in your life?

2. What is Christ’s wonderful pattern for us for this age... for our immediate life?

3. What is being taught to us in Acts 1:8 About where and how the gospel is to be
taken to the whole world?

4. What is the instruction for us today? Has His will changed?

5. What do you think it would mean for a local Church to be commission and command driven?

6. As a family, plan how you could share the message of Christ to another neighbor... what are some things you could do?

7. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide and empower you to witness to others, to give our tracts, to speak up about your salvation experience.

8. Pray for, witness to... with the purpose of winning another to Christ Jesus.

Sermon... study by Dr. Edward Watke Jr. #