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Evangelism and Discipleship

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In this section of our website, I will share many resources for evangelism and discipleship. I trust that these resources will aid your ministry and whet your appetite to reach out to others.

The imperative of the local church is to simultaneously emphasize evangelism and disciple-making. Then salvation will not end with the second generation. I think God desires multiplication that comes from a concerted, on-going ministry of discipling the newly saved.

My experience has been that people's lives are built through an on-going discipleship ministry. Early in our ministry, back in 1961, as people came to Christ, I determined to disciple them. Our adult workers, teachers, deacons and others in the local church ministry came from the ranks of those who studied through a 30 week discipling course. What a difference that made in their lives! From 1997 through 2000 I discipled over 60 people while engaged in ministry at a church in Virginia. This made a great impact on the church then, and continues to as many of these people are now discipling others.

The Fundamental Top 500

Most files are provided in two formats: html pages or pdf files. The pdf files may be accessed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this software, you may download it at

If you are unable to download and use these files, please
e-mail us, and we will be happy to e-mail you the particular file you want. If you need a particular study as a Microsoft Word document, or as a text file, please e-mail us your request, with a description of the specific usage you have in mind.

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