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Counsel for the Christian family...

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Allow me to share my heart in regard to counseling. As a pastor, I began in the 1960s to counsel church families and individuals. In more recent years, I have taught seminars for those working on a Master's Degree or Doctorate in Ministry at the International Baptist College in Tempe, Arizona. Over the past fifteen years I have spent hundreds of hours counseling. Much of the material shared here in the site comes out of the counseling experiences and much study in this important area.

It is exciting to see the Lord change lives and hearts. It is a joy to experience the Holy Spirit at work through the Word of God as a marriage is saved. Only through a concerted ministry to meet the needs of people individually will we see some spared from the total ruin that sin brings. Only the Word of God taught, applied and lived will change a life.

In this section we present Biblical principles for Christian counseling for married couples, family counseling, relationship counseling, and Christian ministry resources for rearing children and teenagers.

|||||The Fundamental Top 500

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