Caring and Counseling
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Great resource materials for every pastor or Christian worker. A must read for any who counsel others, for it is Biblical, sound, and very helpful

Why do I Feel the Way
I Feel?
Why Do I do What I do?


Understanding our Emotions and subsequent Actions. This is an indepth study about the impact of our thought life and was written out of many hundreds of hours of counseling
Biblical Counseling Seminar
These seminar material was taught at the International Baptist College in Tempe, AZ for those working on a Doctor and Master of Ministry program. It also was well received by a number of pastors’ seminars. It will give you a great counseling model, and an understanding of many aspects concerning counseling. A very helpful appendix is also included. Check it out!
Counseling Guidelines for Marriage
Here you will find many aspects of marriage dealt with for the purpose of counseling those in need. Homework is one of the most important aspect in counseling and knowing what to give the couple to study and then seeing them apply truth and bring change is one of the greatest joys and benefits in the counseling process. Here is homework ideas. This material would also lend itself for teaching and preaching. I have often shared these truths in the class room, from the pulpit and then in the informal times in someone’s home. May God use it through you!
Treasures of Truth
As I work with many people in an ongoing counseling situation I find that many are hurting and do not seem to find answers. I have been burdened that I can help people find the answers that bring healing for hurt, wholeness for brokenness, joy for pain, and beauty for ashes. In a thrilling way, the Lord desires to heal us in the midst of the failures, heartaches, and pains. Often these come from devastating events and sinful practices from which every Christian ought to desire to be set free. This series of studies will bring individuals to an understanding of God's answers and a recognition that God's Word does indeed meet the needs of their hearts and lives.
The Fundamental Top 500  
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