Why become bitter or resentful?
This presentation deals with bitterness does to us, what causes it and how to overcome a bitter or resentful spirit. A very practical study that will help any person.

Counseling People's Problems

There are many problems people face about which we need to be ready to counsel... to give guidance... to prepare homework for their sake... to understand... and to help bring permanent change. The subjects dealt herein could be sources for preaching, personal study, for teaching a class, and for one on one application. There are eleven chapters... dealing with things like bitterness, anger, etc.

Biblical Basis of Counseling

We are to admonish one another, which is the very heart of what is involved in counseling. When we obey God we will naturally be concerned about the change people need to make in their lives. Parents will find this study helpful, as well as teachers, pastors and anyone who studies and teaches the Word of God.

Key Elements of Counseling

This section gives a tremendous amount of material to help you in counseling, including an Introduction to Counseling, Key Elements in the Counseling Process, Taking the Counselee Inventory, and Collecting Data, Bringin Hope to the Counselee, and Interpreting Counselee Data. These are the kinds of subjects you would study if you were taking college-level counseling courses. Very helpful indeed! These lessons are based on hundreds of hours of counseling experience.

Qualities of the Counselor

What does God desire in a counselor? How do you build a relationship? What should your motives be? What are common commitments of good counselors? These and other subjects are dealt with. A challenge and a great help.

Unforgiveness and Anger in Daily Life

When the act of forgiveness is not given to those who offend us -- then anger, bitterness, and self-destruction begin. The hate we carry for another will always begin to destroy us before it begins to affect the offender. For many this hatred began when young. It started as the result of verbal, physical or sexual abuse from others, a broken home, hatred and anger in the home, or anyone of a multitude of things. God's Word has answers... we must find them and apply them.

Ready to Restore Others

Here are four chapters of 23 pages that get to heart of restoring others, keeping the hearts of our children and implementing a plan of action.

Answers for Burdened and Hurting Parents & Grandparents

What does God desire for each generation? God warns each generation that He desires that we might have godly children. Passing on a rich spiritual heritage ought to be one of our greatest concerns. This is a dynamic study that all parents and grandparents should consider.
Misbeliefs inAnger
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What does it mean to be happy? We could define it as a continuing sense of well-being, a state of feeling good about life, others and self. We could also define happiness as the absence of mental and emotional discomfort and pain. Do you have misbeliefs in general and about anger specifically?
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