Can You Minister to Others?

What kind of characteristics do we need to truly minister to others? What does the New Testament teach us about ministering to others. Are you what God wants you to be?

A Charge to Keep

Paul gave his final charge to Timothy. Every servant of the Lord needs to meditate often on God's charge to his life and ministry. This would be helpful to any pastor, deacon, or young man who aspires for God to use him.

Homiletics - Sermon and Bible Study Preparation

How can you better prepare a Bible Study for your class? How do people prepare sermons? Here is material such as one would receive in a Bible College on the subject of homiletics... Or sermon preparation. This could be a help to any serious Bible student, it will even help you to better understand all your pastor does to prepare and it will give you insight in how to better support him and prayer for him as well.

Victorious Preaching

We hear much about Victorious Christian living, but tragic little about victorious preaching.If a life of victory is expected of the man in the pew, should less be anticipated for the man in the pulpit? Should not the preacher’s victorious life eventuate in victorious preaching?

Evangelistic Invitations

Invitations are normally a culmination of a message. The drive or appeal of
evangelistic preaching demands a logical climax to its appeal.

Ministering the Right Way
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Here are some very pithy thoughts to encourage you in ministry.

Suggestions for the Pastor

Pastors face an insidious enemy - Satan. A study of the snares that Satan uses to bring pastors to a state of uselessness and ineffectiveness.
Prayer Guide For Praying for Leaders
How can we effectively pray for pastors? And pastors ought to instruct their people about how to intercede for them, for missionaries, and for all those who labor in the work of the Lord.
The Fundamental Top 500  
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