Training Workers
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A prepared, trained worker is far better than a dull, unprepared, careless one; which do you have?

Workers Meetings

Having a great planning meeting

Leadership Duties

Help your workers to understand their duties so you can have a most effective Sunday School.

Guided Discovery Learning

How to teach using questions, bringing about guided discovery learning on the part of the student.

Christ the Master Teacher

Understanding concepts concerning Christ, the Master Teacher, will help you become a better teacher. This will be very helpful to you, read and study for your benefit.

Prospecting & Growth: Growing a Bible Class

This will give you many suggestions and helps toward building a great Bible class.

How to Teach Successfully

Do not fail to be a great teacher... learn how to impact your Sunday school students.

Teacher Training Series Idea Notebook #1
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Idea Notebook #2
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IDEA NOTEBOOK # 1, Teaching Training, These Teaching Techniqes will help you as a parent as well as a teacher or a pastor. This series includes such things as: Fantastic Story Telling, Teaching a Bible Lesson, Gaining and Holding Your Child's Attention, Preparing a Bible Lesson, the Importance of Child Development, Presenting the Gospel Story, and Motivating Others for God's Glory.

IDEA NOTEBOOK # 2, Teaching Training, Here is another series of Teaching Techniqes. These will give guidance to all parents, students of the Word, teacher, and pastors. Here you will find th following: Ideas and Helps on How to Teach a Lesson, Teaching the Lesson, Preparing to Teach the Word of God, Keys to Unlocking the Word of God, How to Successfully Teach Other's Materials, and Using Gestures in Teaching. A study of these will help any serious Bible student.

Why have Workers' Meetings?
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The Fundamental Top 500

WHY HAVE WORKERS' MEETINGS These helps will give aid any leader of Sunday School. Here are ideas, suggestions, guidance and encouragement for all who love Bible Study hour in the local church. Why not read, ponder, and get ideas from this material?
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