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Do You Know The Holy Spirit?

Jesus said to the disciples... “Ye know Him, for He dwelleth with you and shall be in you.”  Do we truly recognize the tremendous importance of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives?  Here is a detailed study of many pages on this great truth. It would be a great study for Sunday School, an adult, or teen Bible Study, of for a series for preaching.

Managing Money God's Way

This is a detailed study that will give guidance in money management. How to save, budget, and plan. Also deals with the deadly squeeze of debt, and how to reach financial freedom. About 50 pages of excellent helps for your family.

Satan's Strategies

The purpose of this series of messages is to share in detail about Satan and the strategy he uses to wreck your Christian life and (if possible) to destroy you.

Facing our Problems in a Problem Age (book)

This study will bring great benefit in the life of those who study through these subject: assurance, battle of the mind, evil thoughts, anger, knowing the will of God, suffering, worry, lack of growth, doubt. It will help you solve the problems that all of us face at times. It will give your materials to help someone else in the midst of their trials. May the study bring you great blessing.

The Holy Spirit and the Saint of God

Are you a spiritual Christian? Here is a study of 90 pages in 20 lessons that will give wonderful direction concerning our relationship to the Holy Spirit. How can a saint of God become a spiritual Christian without a vital, biblical, precious walk in the Spirit. How can we become what God the Father desires without the power of the Holy Spirit upon our lives? The Holy Spirit has manifold ministries in our lives as the third person of the trinity. He is now carrying out this ministry in our lives as children of God. Do you recognized His work? Do you cooperate with the Holy Spirit and his labor in your life? There are many excesses and false teachings and the following ought to open your eyes about many matters. I trust it will!

Biblical Witnessing

A thorough study of what Salvation is in the mind of God, the serious problem with easy believism, and how to share the gospel so you have God-honoring results.




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