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In the Training Camp


Here are ten studies, In the Training Camp, on the Christian's warfare from Ephesians 6:10-18.  

This section of the Word of God could be called “A Call to Arms.” Paul states in I Timothy 6:12,  “Fight the good fight of faith.” We as Christians are in a warfare, but this is something we seldom think about. That the Christian is involved in warfare is the consistent teaching of the Scriptures.  Paul, in evaluating his life, said, “I have fought a good fight” (II Tim. 4:7).  This series would benefit you or others greatly!

The Trial of Your Faith

Here are over 40 pages, 10 lessons or chapters on the Book of First Peter. Make it a personal study, or the content could be used by a family for devotions, or for a Bible Study class, or by a pastor for sermons, or by a missionary in another country.

First John (book)


The book of I John is one of the most precious studies that anyone could enter into. Here is a family epistle, God’s truth to His own. This is “foundational truth” and one of the most vital books for every Christian to study. Thirty eight times you will find the word, “know” for there are some very definite things you must know. Here is a great study for any Sunday School class, for a men’s group, or for a host of other uses. Here is a personal study... just for YOU!

Ephesians (book)

A thrilling study for discipling, class room study, or personal study in the home.

Why Doctrine is so Important

It is clear that doctrine was not unimportant to Christ, as some want to claim today. In fact the more people depart from Scripture, the more they dislike hearing doctrine as it might be taught in the printed page or preached from the pulpit.

An Introduction to the New Testament

This is a brief introduction to a survey of the Gospels. What did God give us four gospels, and what do they mean to us? How do you respond to the variables of the accounts of the four gospels?


The Fundamental Top 500  
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