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New - Handling Anger Constructively - pdf Anger often brings destruction to many marriages. How do you deal with an angry spirit? Here are some important Biblical guidelines.
New - Anger, a Serious Thing - pdf When is anger sinful? What is "anger" anyway? Did God give us the emotions we have in life? What should we do with anger?
New - Dangers of Unforgiven Bitterness - pdf Bitterness destroys the vessel in which is is kept. Do you recognize what bitterness does to a person? Do you understand how a person can become bitter and resentful of heart? Here are some helps for you.

God's Power is Ours

Power is what we need today, what every Christian needs; what today’s church needs.When we study the Word of God we come to the conclusion that David knew the power of God, Gideon knew the power of God, and also Peter and Paul knew the power of God.
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Overcoming by the Holy Spirit

Jesus issues a proclamation of liberty to every believer. Our union with Him qualifies us to share His victory. We are in a battle, will we fail? (Gal. 5:16-17) How does Christ’s victory become ours? How is His victory translated into our experience?
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Resisting Satanic Activity

Possibly you are like many Christians -- your passions are strong, your behavior ruts run so deep. There were moments you were optimistic, but you are back to that habit such as eating too many calories, overcome by sexual lust or the victim of negative attitudes and besetting sins. What has gone wrong?
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Things, Things, Things!

Today we Christians are being crushed, not outright, but by our many comforts and conveniences. The inditement of Revelation three applies to us today for we are rich and increased with goods, we have need of nothing. What dupes we have become, dupes of our own desires. It has been said: “Destiny has two ways of crushing us -- by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them.”
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What about Temptation?

Are you serious about breaking that sinful habit that rules you? Do you really desire to live a godly life and not have the guilt that you face in your life?
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What is Your Life?

An English student asked, “Why did God make me? Why Am I here? What is the purpose of life?”Life is a trust -- a loan from God for a short period of time, Job 1:21 “The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the Name of the Lord.”
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Why so much Temptation?

Sinful habits begin innocently enough, but if we do not master them, they will surely master us. We have all experienced the cycle: enjoy a forbidden pleasure, feel guilty, determine never to do it again, take pride in brief moments of self-control, then fail once more.
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Lots for Sale in Sodom

One of the greatest tragedies in all the Word of God is the story of Lot and his family. I think this story has some of the strongest lessons for us of anything in the Word of God. Sermon on worldliness are rare these days. The new word is secularism
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The Glory of Motherhood

The word, Mother is one of the most beautiful words in any language. It is one of the first words that we learn to say as a babe. There is power in this dear word. I once read the story of a burglar who returned a stolen watch to the owner because he could not stand to see on the back of the watch the words, “To my son, from Mother, on his birthday!” Thank God for what consecrated, praying, Christian mothers have meant to the world. The most influential person on earth is a mother.
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Revival and the Scriptures

Revival means new life; you can only revive that which is weak. Revival is something which God does among His own people first; and the only candidates for revival are those who are prepared to confess there is sin and lack in their lives.
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Facing Bitterness and Resentment

Everyone of us has at some time felt that we have been wronged by another person. At that point we either become resentful and possibly bitter, or we learn to handle these wrongs in a more godly manner.
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What God Says about the Heart

The word, heart, is used over 900 times in the Word of God. It must be important! God has been in the heart transplant business for centuries. Consider Ezekiel 36:26, 27.
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God's Great Salvation

A study of Eph. 2: 1-10. Three great things I see in this passage are Man's great need, God's wonderful provision and Salvation's wondrous result. Ninety two times the word saved is used in the New Testament. Do we truly understand God's salvation?
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Do You have Strongholds?

What is a stronghold? How do strongholds begin? The word means a citadel, a fortress wtihin. A stronghold is an area of the life of a Christian where sin is entrenched, where the devil has access to the life to bring further sin and failure. What will you do about your stronghold?
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Crowns Awaiting the Believer

Will you have rewards in heaven? Will someone else receive the crown that God wants you to have? Why will he give rewards and what are they?

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The Master's Call in
John 11

A study from John 11. Martha calls for her sister with the words, "The Master is here and he calleth for thee." The Master is here today and he calls for you. Let us dwell upon these words and their meaning to us, now, today.
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Maintaining Forgiveness

It is one thing to forgive; quite anohter thing to maintain a forgiving spirit. Marriage is two people living together who must be great forgivers. Do you know how to guard your heart with a forgiving spirit?
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Glory in Suffering

How do suffering and glory relate? Does suffering bring glory in the life of a Christian? How can we handle the suffering that God allows to come to our lives?
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Sermons about the Holy Spirit

Our relationship to the Holy Spirit is very vital. His ministry in us and through us is greatly neglected. Study these for much profit and insight.

Divine Guidance
No matter how much we pray; how much you give, do, serve, or are busy in activities for the Lord, if we are not in His will it avails but very little. God gives us many directives toward knowing His will. This includes six studies on knowing and doing the will of God -- practical, helpful, insightful!

Trusting God for a Walk of Faith

Walking by faith is very vital. What does this mean to you. Here are a number of studies that will great benefit your life.

The Holy Spirit's Call
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When you study the book of Acts you will naturally note the work of the Holy Spirit. He is spoken of over sixty times in the Book of Acts. I am afraid that many Christians are even afraid of the personal and work of the Holy Spirit. Do you know Him? Do you know the Holy Spirit?

Walk by Grace to Glory

Peter knew that the fiery trial was about to take place. (I Pet. 1:12) He wanted the entire church family to be prepared to endure suffering. Suffering. . . that is the norm of the Christian life. The main subject in I Peter is suffering -- suffering because of our faith, suffering as a means of purifying, and suffering in the will of God as a testimony of God’s grace.

Do you have a House or a Home?


God places a premium on the home, and we need to remember that society cannot rise higher than the home. In fact, the home is the very foundation of civilization! Many have a house but they have never built a home. What about you?

Are you the Prodigal's Brother?

Luke 15 gives us three tremendous pictures of the heart of God, the Father. In these stories we witness the concern in heaven over every lost person. We have the story of the lost sheep.... and the lost coin... and the lost son... the prodigal son who spent all in riotous living who had left father and home to do as he pleased. But what about the prodigal's brother? What do we read about him?
Rewards of Loss, Which shall it be?
We learn from the Word of God that all Christians must appear before the Judgement Seat of Christ that we might receive a reward for the deeds done in the body, or there we will suffer the loss of rewards. What does God say about rewards? Why is it so important?
God's Providencial Care
Ponder that God’s very character is revealed through His providential workings. God desires that we would see, know, consider, and understand His greatness, reality, and majesty through the acts of His providence.
Joy in the Life of the Saved

What a blessing to have the joy of the Lord. Here we share why joy is so important, what it is, and what our perspective ought to be.

Where There is No Vision

What does the Word of God mean when God says... "Where there is NO vision, the people perish?" See Proverbs 29:18. What does the word VISION mean?? In Spiritual terminology to have vision means having "Divine perspective," Divine wisdom, "Divine insight or illumination," and "vision" are roughly equivalent terms. The text shows us negatively how important vision is! An individual's sight depends on the lens he looks through, his hearing depends upon the filter he listens through. So, what is the value of vision?

Consecrated Life
Consecration is often misunderstood. This study will help you to better understand what it means to be yielded, surrendered unto the Lord. Study for personal profit and or sharing with others.

Necessity of the Atonement

Is the substitutionary vicarious death of Christ scriptural? Yes! It is entirely in line with all human experience and historic evidence. All human progress is built upon sacrifice, upon the lose of human blood, of the price of life itself.
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