New for 2010- Humanism Affects Youth


The teaching of humanism has a devastating impact on our youth today. What is humanism? Do you recognize it? This teaching permeates all of society today. We need to be prepared to resist and replace such atheistic teaching.

Problems in a Teen's Life


There are many problems that each person faces in life, but teenagers especially face many conflicts and problems on a daily basis. These must be faced biblically, and we must have the answers and learn to apply the Word of God.

Teens and their Conscience; Lesson 1


A very important presentation about oneีs conscience. Very vital for all who work with teens... and the teen as well. Read it for many insights, study it, and apply it. How do reprogram the conscience?

Teens and their Conscience; Lesson 2


Building and Understanding the Conscience of a Teenager.. What are the features of a mature conscience? How can parents help their teens build a sensitive conscience? How do teens think and why is an active godly conscience so important. This will help any and every parent with teens and those soon to be teens.

Guidelines for Dating


Preparing to date... A concise but thorough presentation for the teen and those who work with teens. Very helpful!

Teens & their Thought Life

Behind thoughts are all actions. Here is help for the teen to understand the great challenge of developing and maintaining a God-honoring thought life.




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